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How Refread Works

Refread helps your library connect with more users and serve them with millions of eResources through custom designed digital libraries.

With a powerful discovery engine, seamless remote access service and native mobile apps, you will have everything you need to deliver your entire collection to every user, everywhere.

Your Unified, Diverse, Gripping Library Collection

Refread Table Responsive

Physical or Digital; All in One Place

Your eSubscriptions, eBook collections and OPAC holdings; all wrapped beautifully together into a single web property

Expand with Refread Subject Collections

A scholar looking for the latest research article or a student looking for a video lecture; chose from our subject collections of over 2.1 million resources to serve everyone.

Engage more with Info Services

With regularly updated feeds for academic events, expert talks, internships and 20 more information services, your digital library becomes the most preferred information hub for users.

Your All-Powerful Digital Library


Contextual Discovery

A powerful discovery engine to deliver lightening fast results from both MARC catalogs and research articles from eSubscriptions.

Remote Access for Omnipresence

With a seamless, auto-authentication layer, your users always get full text access of subscribed resources; wherever they are.

Library Just a Tap Away

Build your circulation counts by reaching every user in your campus through custom designed Android and iOS library apps. Send notifications and updates for new additions at zero cost.

Every User, His Digital Library

Reading lists allow users to save their favorite readings and access them on the go. Refread libraries are loaded with sharing and authoring tools to boost user's productivity.

Your Digital Library with Beauty & Brains

Inspired UX

Library science and user experience experts have worked together to deliver a visual masterpiece and an intuitive interface.

Introducing SocioLib

Vibrant online communities built around library content to enable social discovery of relevant resources in a collaborative but non-intrusive manner.

Meet ILA

India's first Artificial Intelligence based virtual library assistant that interacts with users and helps them use the digital library to its maximum potential.

Dr. Rishi Tiwari

Refread platform has helped us extend access of BIMTECH eSubscriptions to users from anywhere, anytime. Bringing OERs, NEWS, Subscriptions and many other information services on one platform offers multiple reasons for users to come back.

Mehar Singh

The Digital Library built by Refread really caught the eye of NAAC members and helped us showcase our University Library vision and services. Whenever, we have relayed a user feedback to Refread, the team was quick to adapt and scale the platform.

Dr Rangashri Kishore

After trying a couple of aggregates, we found Refread tick all the boxes with its massive collection of multimedia eResources to complement our library subscriptions. Having a single platform to deliver content from all our subscriptions from anywhere helped us build adoption of eResources in the campus.

Dr Alka Suri

It is said that library is your paradise and when you are having a platform that not just serves content but a wholesome library experience, then you are indeed in paradise. Refread has helped to deploy such a platform which also includes unique AI features like ILA-the Chatbot.

Dr Sanjay Kataria
Bennett University

We particularly love how Refread is pushing the boundaries of a digital library. Information services like academic events and expert talks compels users to keep coming back to the platform.

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