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Refread Table Responsive


Rich Media + Traditional Formats

1000s of learning videos, audio books to complement a massive collection of journals, ebooks and thesis

Physical and digital; all in one catalog

All your physical holdings from OPAC and eSubscriptions merged into a single, comprehensive catalog

No 'one size- fits all' approach

Every library has its own soul. We do custom setups so your digital library has all the content your users need and nothing else


Fast and Parallel

Lightening fast, real time results from all your subscriptions

Relevant and Contextual

Superior algorithms to deliver content most relevant and contextual to user's interests

New Age Interface

Rich metadata, book jackets, lazy loading for a modern and intuitive experience

Limiters & Tag clouds

Faceted results combined with multi-tiered subject limiters enable quick discovery

True Full-text Links

Maps each result with your holdings for high full text link reliability

Absolute Neutrality

No bias to any publisher for ranking, linking or materials inclusion

Save & Share

Save to Reading List

Keeps a track of all user activity and reading history. Allows users to save PDFs directly to Dropbox

Share with Friends

Readers can boast their reading credentials on social media or share documents privately with peeers

Recommendations and Alerts

Relevant content prompts based on user's interests and email newsletter for latest content

Off Campus Access

Full text access; everywhere

Extends the access of digital library services and full text access of all eContent subscriptions from even outside your campus network.

Monitor everything

Library staff can control full text access rights to a group of users and set expiry dates. Also includes graphical usage reports along with many other admin features.


Your library on the go

Android and iOS Mobile app for full text access of all digital resources

Send Notifications

Send alerts for new content additions or invites for library events

Features for your staff

Scan Barcodes and QR codes, check compiled usage statistics and take user requests

Social Plugins

Going social is half job done

Managed Social Media pages on FB, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram along with offline campaigns to make sure that launch of your website is the biggest news in the campus.

Social Plugins

Facebook Canvas App allows users to discover and access library collections directly from your library FB page

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